tn1Students had a chance to take part in a number of science experiments. Have a look if you dare!





Our first experiment was to see what would happen when we add 1 tea spoon of yeast, 4 tea spoons of sugar and water. We gave the bottle a good shake and place a balloon on top of the bottle. The results are below.










 Ali, Fatima and Christophe bottles over about an hour.

The second experiment was to entirely fool the senses using only three trays of water.

We filled up three trays, one with ice water, warm water and with water at medium temperature.

Students were then blindfolded and instructed to place one hand in the ice water and then place the same hand a tray at random guessing if the

tray water was either warm or medium temperature.











Fatima guess’s if the water is warm or medium in temperature.

Our final experiment was about sensitivity, we had a number of wooden sticks and we tested to see if students and staff could tell how many stick were being pressed on their forearm and then repeat the test on our finger. The results were interesting.










 Zarmeen tests Paul's sense of touch.