Chinese Gardens

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Students took part in a workshop with Steve from the V&A. They learned about toys from history and had the opportunity to make their own Chinese Gardens using a range of different materials.

Postman's Park trip

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Students visited Postman’s Park to engage in an interactive talk given by renowned social and cultural historian Dr. John Price at the Watts Memorial. The students learned the story of how George Frederic Watts created the Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice.

Museum of Childhood Visit

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We had a visit from Steve from V&A Museum of Childhood today - we always look forward to these visits and this morning was just as interesting and enjoyable. Children explored dolls from the past (some were over 150 years old) and moving toys. One student from the secondary classroom said that toys from the past are even more interesting than toys today - praise indeed!

Triangle trade map

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Katie colour coded this map cleverly with different wools. It matches first person statements about the slave trade with a map of the Triangle Trade.

Top Trumps

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Amelia made this incredibly detailed set of Top Trumps cards to revise key individuals for the History course on Medicine Through Time. They even have justifications for the scores on the reverse! Will Louis Pasteur top Mary Seacole, or will William Beveridge take the lead?!

Medicine Man exhibition visit

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Students visited the Medicine Man exhibition at the Wellcome Collection where they saw objects as weird and wonderful as a trephined skull, Napoleon's toothbrush, early artificial limbs, and a plague mask! Next they will create a 'Guide to the Wellcome Collection in 10 objects'.

Old Operating Theatre trip


Students visited the Old Operating Theatre in Borough where they learnt about the horrors of cholera and pre-anesthetic surgery, Afterwards they continued their cultural education exploring the wonderful food at Borough Market!