Myla worked with our Poet in residence Philip Wells to produce this remarkable poem - Ochewa.




     when the waves are low ,

    When the sunrise is high,

     The goddess of all worlds and the goddess of wisdom,

     She comes riding in a sea-green chariot lead by the demons from far below.


     Watching, always watching,

     The young mistress and the eye of vision as I’ve heard,

     Never sleeps, never bothers the breeze, 

     Ochewa is the breath of truth and the secret of love.


 She sees into darkness,

     Sees into light,

     Beware of Ochewa,

     She can give you a fright.


     The waves smash,

They part, letting her hands of what was, can’t

  will be and what is.


     Stretching for the last,

     As the last is always found.



     By Myla