In the primary classroom at CW we have been enjoying our new topic, Homes. In Literacy, we have been writing descriptions. First we described our own homes and created a vocabulary bank to use in our writing. Then we used our imaginations to create fantasy homes to describe!

Children had lots of ideas; from chocolate houses with caramel swimming pools, skittle grass and lollipop trees, to tree houses made of gold and silver thread. 

Daria, aged seven, created a 'heart house'. Her imaginary home was heart-shaped and smelt of strawberries! It even had a rose petal pond in the garden. Daria then made a 3d model of her home - all of this using her left hand as she was unable to use her right!

This work was a great place to start our descriptive writing - and it was fun too!

Daria 1

Daria 2