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Jason, in the primary classroom at CW, has also been working on designing his own imaginary home. He created a fantastic design - his home was made from money, had a caramel swimming pool, a popcorn dispenser and ice cream van! 

All of this hard work led to wonderful creative writing. Read his description here - try to spot the mature vocabulary he uses to help build an image in your mind. 


My fabulous fantasy home is made of money, has a caramel swimming pool, an ice cream van and a popcorn dispenser.

My house is made of shiny bright green notes making the trees have shame. My house is made of the best cash in the world, the cleanest, finest most exquisite money in the world. Amazingly my house goes ca-ching when you open the door.

Another amazing thing about my house is it has a gooey, giant, golden caramel swimming pool. The pool is humungous! You can eat the pool because the pool will keep putting more caramel in. The pool is boiling hot but scrumptious when you smell it.

The ice-cream van is brilliant because when its hot days you can go to the ice-cream van get ice-cream and go back up stairs with the speedy bullet lift. The popcorn dispenser is amazing because if you want to go to the movie room and get popcorn it makes it more enjoyable.

Would you want to live in this fantasy home?

Jason was very proud of all his hard work - and we were proud of him too!