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Students went to see 'To Kill a Mockingbird’ at the Barbican. Katie also wrote a review of the play.

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To Kill A Mockingbird:


Here are three reviews from various sites, saying what they thought of the production:

Daily Express-“MAGNIFICENT… Some productions have the power effortlessly to win you over and this enchanting heartfelt adaptation…is one of them.”

Times-“Terrific retelling of Harper Lee’s classic makes DRAMATIC GOLD…

 Telegraph-“If you have tears, prepare to shed them at this superb adaptation of Harper Lee’s great book.”

All of these reviews make you eager to see the production, because they are all so positive. Based off the reviews, the reader feel like it is an emotional production, and enrapturing.

Location and Style:

To Kill A Mockingbird is set in the Barbican Centre. It is a play that is preformed in the centre’s theatre. To kill a mockingbird was based on the book by Harper Lee.

The Arts at the Barbican Centre:

The Barbican Centre supports all of the arts, including theatre, dance, art, film and music. They also educate the community, by starting group projects, having talks and performing.

The Aim of the Barbican:

One important factor for the Barbican centre is the people. They support budding young talent, and aging, experienced talent. Whatever age, the Barbican Centre will have a talk or a programme for you to get involved with.

The Oxford Samuel Beckett Award & Young Barbican:

The Samuel Beckett Award is something that, most importantly encourages young talent to perform. They help the youth do what they love, and devolope there skills. The Young Barbican has the same aim, to encourage the younger generation to get stuck in with the arts, and have fun whilst doing it. The Young Barbican is the idea to make tickets for 14-25 year olds more affordable for them. They do this to open the carrer world, and to help them to enjoy watching and performing the arts.

Questions about the production:

Whose idea was it to make the Young Barbican?

When holding auditions for to kill a mockingbird, on average how many people turned up?

Who decides what plays the Barbican will show?

Has the Barbican Centre always been so involved with the community?

How long did you rehearse for before you preformed to kill a mockingbird?

Was the initial idea for the Barbican to have so much interaction with all the arts, and doing plays as well as movies?

How many performances do you show each day?


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