let theres
Myla wrote Let there be light for National Poetry Day.

Let there be light

My hair streams behind me,

The wind is silent, but laughs like a child,

The fireworks within me color my clothes –

My eyes painted by the rainbow.

My face filled with wonder,

Fireworks dance before me;

They tickle my face splashed with freckles,

My skin glows like the deep mellow sunset.

I sprint through the forest like a firework soaring through the sky,

When I walk through town no one knows,

My quiet loudness can shatter into a million trillion pieces of glass.

I turn the corner,

And the color I have stretches its fingers into the souls of others –

Their heart glows with excitement.

My hair streams behind me,

I burst with energy,

I am fire,

Work of the rainbows.


by Myla