Lee wrote this story about a Chelsea match for his GCSE English coursework.

I have supported Chelsea my whole life. Chelsea has only ever had one home ground. Stamford Bridge is where Chelsea plays and it only around the corner for where I live so I don’t need to go that far if I’m going to watch them play. On match days Chelsea fans walk down my street shouting [Chelsea] on their way to the match. I love going to matches with my dad who supports Chelsea as well. I’ve be to lots of matches since I was 7-8. Some of them were good and some of them were bad.
 The one I remember the most was very strange but true. It was an ordinary Saturday afternoon back in October 2008. Me and dad were walking down the road the weather was sunny but chill. It was nearly 3pm the match start at 3. We got are program and went around to the big Chelsea picture of all the team. We went to the gate to hand our tickets in.   When we got there it was a rush getting in to the stadium. The stadium is huge it has big screens new grass and over 50,000 seat. The smell of burger and chips as we pass the stand made us hungry. When we found are seat we could smell of the new cut grass we were right at the front we could see both screens it was fantastic. There was music playing people talking and the teams warning up before the match. As the teams came out ready to start the match. 
 The referee blew his whistle and the match between Chelsea and Man U started. At the beginning of the first half it was still 0-0 but Man U was all over Chelsea but Chelsea was not giving up.  In the last five minute of the first half Chelsea scored a blinding goal Terry with the cross and Lampard hit it from outside the box. The fans went nuts! Chelsea was 1-0 at half time.                   
 At half time I got up quickly to get a drink. Everyone was pushing and shoving up the stairs to get to the stand and as use it was busy and the line was long. As I walked away holding my drink on my way back to the seats . In the corner I saw a enormous flash light which looked like the front of a train coming towards me! I think I passed out for like a minute!
When I opened my eyes there was a drink all over the floor and the walls were a different colour. I picked myself up and noticed the whole stand had changed. The giant TV screen had gone, the stand was all open, the pitch was all mudded and not the nice cut grass. As I walked down the stairs I noticed the people were standing up and the lots of seats were gone. I carried on down the stairs and noticed the clothes were different on people than before. What was going on? I had no idea where I was I don’t remember any of this. Then I saw something on the floor I picked it up and noticed it was a program but it was different it was white and did not have a lot of colours on it. I remember my dad telling me one time about the price of the program back when he was a kid and how cheap it was. Then I noticed the year on it. It said 1965 now I was really confusion and the second half was about to begin. As the player came out ready to start the second half they said the line up of the teams I could not believe what I was hearing it was all former Chelsea players back when my dad was a kid like Peter Bonetti in goal and players like John Hollins and Peter Osgood.  The referee blew his whistle for the second half to began I thought I better watch the second half because this is the first time I seen the old Chelsea team play. I found a place to stand to watch the game. The referee blew his whistle and the second half began I couldn’t believe this. I was watching the Chelsea team that played when my dad was a kid. Is this a dream?
 In the last 2 minutes of the game John Hollins scored a great goal from a corner kick all the Chelsea fans scream as Chelsea won 2-0. As I was leaving I noticed a cloud of smoke in the air as the Chelsea fans was smoking in the stand then I remember I’m in 1965. I started to think how would I get back home?