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As part of our Commenius project 'Big Green Footsteps', Sean and Angel have been working hard in the primary classroom to create 'Bin it to Win it', a game that is fun and can help you to learn about looking after the environment.

After lots of research and brainstorming of ideas they created a game called 'Bin it to Win it', which involves sorting items of rubbish into the correct recycling bin. They have also created a company logo, rules for the game and a fact sheet to accompany it! Children from the secondary classroom trialed the game today and confirmed that 'Bin it to Win it' is enjoyable and made them think about the environment, so well done Sean and Angel.

When I (Charlotte the primary teacher at CW) travel to Dublin next week I am going to take a copy of the game to play there - we may even Skype children in London and see if we can play against them.

We are so proud of the creativity, energy and commitment that Sean and Angel have brought to the project. Well done!



Children bins2


Why not download a pdf here BIN IT TO WIN IT RULES.pdf and have a play yourself?