eyeThe Blue Class recently completed a terrific mask project!!





Each child researched a topic to base their mask on. The group began by blowing up their balloon's to the desired shape and size. Then they used ModRoc to build up the base of their face, applying it to the balloon's surface. ModRoc was applied around half of the ballon, to allow for the mask affect. Once dried the ModRoc was lifted away from the ballons to leave the mask mould. 

After creating several layers they designed the features of their face. This was done either by using ModRoc to create a relief affect, or by sticking objects on to the base and applying ModRoc on top. Once they had completed their faces they painted them using acrylic paint, with a gloss finish!













They used any thing they could fine to add the finishing touches to their masks. The mask featured in the pictures is designed by Lottie and based on the punk rock era. She cut a red dressing beard into a Mohican shape and applied that to her mask. She then used wire and silver balls to create the earings. A brilliant touch!!