Felix wanted to dress up as a Rubik’s cube on World Book day. Because Rubik did not feature in a book he decided to create his own story.

 Once upon a time there was a lonely Rubik’s cube in a shop he was really sad he couldn’t be turned into his normal colours. But one day, Tyler, a tween bought it with his dad. The Rubik’s was so very happy! They drove off with the colourful cube and when they got home Tyler looked at an YT (YouTube) video on a tutorial how to get better at finishing the cube.

Tyler practised and practised, until one day… Tyler managed to do it in 3.1 seconds! Rubik was so happy that his colours were back to normal then, Rubik decided to do telepathy and talked to Tyler. “Hello Tyler! Tysm for putting my colours back together!”


Tyler; “Wait how are you speaking? Your welcome by the way”

Rubik: “I use telepathy I’m a rare species of Rubik’s cube”

Tyler :“oh ok I’ll tell my dad I will put you on my shelf for now. When I come back I will pick you back up cya”

Rubik got put on the shelf. He could see that Tyler was a HUGE Rubik’s fan. There were many other Rubik’s not his type or species there were big ones 17x17 ones, etc. Rubik made a few friends they all knew telepathy. Tyler came back after seeing his dad Tyler’s Dad

Said: “Wow son, I can’t believe that cube can talk! Well, I’ve said this like 1M times but... all of the cubes do know telepathy don’t they?”

Tyler “Well I guess so…”

Tyler went back upstairs and made a YouTube video.

“Hi YT welcome to the Rubik’s Fan Channel! Make sure you leave a like and subscribe and get your spaghet because today oh boy have I got Bolognese for you! I am going to do the Rubik’s in 3.1 seconds I will put a timer on the screen to prove it. Get ready!!! 3 2 1! Go!!!!! (Silence fills his room) And there it is… An amazing sensation of glory… Hope you enjoyed the video! Cya”

They watched the video go up in views the next day Rubik used some new telekinesis powers and floated through the air on to the computer he looked at the views it said 100,990,345 Views! Rubik had to tell Tyler

Rubik: “Hey sleepyhead wake up! I have a surprise!!!”

“(Yawn) Aw Ok I will look OMG it went viral in a day wow! And 1M subscribers?!?! I can’t believe it thanks for letting me mix your colours though!”

“it’s ok”

In the end they became really good friends and he was brought to school but Tyler went to go play football but unfortunately Rubik got stolen.

Rubik climbed out of the thief’s bag and managed to get out when the theif got home there was nothing in the sack!

The End By Felix