thumb cake

Blue Group students baked cakes and sold them to raise funds for the Fire Brigade.

 Students took on different roles, Allergy Alert Officer, Salesman and Bank Manager. Check out their wonderful cakes below.

My job title was Vasa the Salesman. My job was to sale as many cakes as possible. I set up my table, I baked brownies and I tidied up. It is welcoming customers and being friendly and helpful. The blue group displayed good team work because we worked together. I liked selling my cakes to the customers. It was all good.
 My role in the cake sale was to look after the money and run guess how many sweets in the jar. I also made the cheesecake and helped set up. The things I did were look after money and run the sweet jar competition. Customer service means looking after customers and giving them the best service possible. The blue group displayed good teamwork because everyone contributed something and helped each other. I liked looking after the money because it gave me a sense of responsibility and I felt grown up. I think the prices could have been higher so we made more money.