Picture1thumbWe are delighted that the inspirational cook Laura Santtini has offered to come in and cook with the students at Collingham on a Monday morning.

The students have enjoyed working with a ‘famous cook and writer’ and their enthusiasm for cooking has increased week by week - making pasta from scratch had the students marvelling at the long process and the sight of spaghetti hanging all over the dining room like washing was a revelation to them – this experience has been a whole curriculum – as they begin to discover the science and maths of cooking their enthusiasm has grown – they are also keen to describe in writing the taste and smells of cooking – Some of the quotes from the students include – ‘I love working with a famous Chef’ – ‘It feels so special to have a real Chef teaching us ‘ ‘Laura deserves a Michelin Star’ - we hope to put together a book about ’16 things that everybody should know how to cook’ – and include the students responses to this experience



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