Marbling and Music Project


Students at Lavender Walk explored the possibilities of making music and marbling with artist Chloe Cooper and musician Jackie Walduck. We held an exhibition showing their artworks and listened to their music. Our next step is to print sections of the art to be displayed in GP and hospital waiting rooms in K&C, along with a QR code to hear the music. Meanwhile have a listen and look at their creations!

Scratch Painting

ART LW small
This painting was made by one of our students at Lavender walk using a scratching technique. First the paper was completely covered in coloured wax crayons, then a mixture of Acrylic paint and washing up liquid was applied on top and left to dry. Once the surface was dry the image was scratched into using the blunt end of various sized paintbrushes. I'm sure you will agree, it looks great!