Having seen all the fun Ali and Inam had during the weeklong festival. Ryan decided to go head to head with me in the football challenge at Hyde Park.







We first headed to the Adidas challenge, having a unique chance to win prizes for taking part in an exciting interactive Adidas activations game. The challenge was to kick the ball at random lights on all four sides of a square wall, scoring at least 13 times in 30 seconds to win a prize. This was done in some style testing out a new pair of boots.













Ryan managed to score 8 times in 30 seconds, which was a good attempt. He later made up for it by winning loads of prizes in the other chalenges which included a penatly shoot out against a robot keeper and scoring 3 goals from a distance into a mini goal. By the time we left Ryan had a bag full of prizes and kindly donated some to the Brompton Hospital School.









 Ryan getting up close and personal with the actual Champions League trophy won by Barcelona.