SoldierDaniel has created this wonderfully emotion packed piece of poetry describing the horrors of life in the trenches in WW1. He has been looking at how Michael Morpurgo can convey such vivid images through his use of words in books such as War Horse and Private Peaceful. Well done Daniel we are really proud of your efforts!

The Sense of War?


Slaughter, massacre, destruction, terror!

The sights of a pointless end to life.


Boom, shatter, crackle, blast!

Hearing the cries of death.


Stench, reek, nauseous, disgust!

Death creeps into the nostrils of all who stand.


Rancid, stale, gag, heave!

The taste of life forgotten.


Feel, experience, endure, suffer!

Tears of rain weep for our souls and touch our hearts.



 A Poem about World War One by Daniel Norton