englishIn English at the Brompton, students have been learning about descriptive writing. Ellie was able to use a range of descriptive techniques in her own writing, and she did a great job with her piece. Well done Ellie!


Ellie read an extract from a novel called ‘A Wide, Wide Sea’ by Michael Morpugo in which a young woman recounts the terrifying experience of being caught in a storm at sea. Ellie learned all about descriptive techniques and how the writer used descriptive techniques to make the experience come alive! Ellie then planned her own piece of descriptive writing about an exciting experience she had had. Ellie was able to use a range of descriptive techniques in her own writing, and she did a great job with her piece. Well done Ellie!

As I waited I felt a mixture of fear and excitement building up inside of me! I stood inside shaking and I felt myself inhaling a strange smell of must, it made me feel sick and I regretted the popcorn I ate just before I came in. Now I’m even regretting coming into this house! Suddenly everything went dark as a piece of black card, I felt more and more scared now. Fear struck me. An old-fashioned television hung mysteriously in-front of me and blaring out its message big and bold in a spooky font, it said ‘Welcome to the haunted house, this is where your dreams die!’ Then suddenly everything started to change and I found that we were going down in a violent and very dangerous lift. My spine started to tingle and shiver all the way down, making me anxiously drip with sweat. Nervously, I got out of the creaky lift. Thank God! A black circular car was waiting for me. Quickly I clambered in the car and a weird man pulled the solid rock bar down over my head. There was no escape! Regret is the only thing going on in my mind full of fear!

After a juddering start, we were transported through toxic smoke that made me choke. A sudden blast of wind came over me and it felt like a dragon was breathing down my neck. Spinning in a circle of confusion, a pack of blood thirsty inhabitants emerged from the dead! I felt sick because there was a stench of guts and gore. Disgusting. As I was moving, the black circular car was whistling at me, then it sped up like it was chasing something, strangely I saw some water and out of the water came a person screaming at me and it felt like my heart skipped a beat. We were dropped off at this particularly spooky lift and it dragged us all the way down to a basement. In the basement as you were dragged along there were pots of paint falling from the top of the shelf, then suddenly the shelves started to rattle like a tornado starting to form. At the end of this dark fearful tunnel I saw light it was the end of the haunted house expedition.

Slowly and carefully we were pulled out of the darkness and I covered my eyes from the brightness and I no longer had to cling on to my mother’s warm chequered coat. Out of the blue the old fashioned television appeared again with blood splattered all over it, i was relieved that it was over but through all of the fear and excitement i would definitely explore again.