At the Royal Brompton Hospital, students worked with our poet-in-residence, Philip, to create their own poems.  One of our students wrote a poem called Cugemca inspired by three words: cute, gemstone and cat.




It opens your hand like a mystery:

You are confusing me.

I need to be

A beautifully dressed cat

Wearing a silver tiara.

My name is Cugemca

And I enjoy the colour,

The texture of gemstones.

I wish for a normal life

Living in a cottage

Digging up gemstones

Whenever I want.

I love rose quartz,

The sense of it

The feeling of nostalgia

For something that happened many, many years ago:

I found it in the river

In the shape of a heart

I fell in love with it instantly

And it began my craze for gemstones.


I am Cugemca.