Chelsea FC football players came to visit our students at the hospital school. Check out Heidi and Blake's thank you letters.

Dear Chelsea,
Thank you for visiting us, thank you for the presents. The most important present is your signed cards with autographs, because they are good cards. I will put them on my wall at home. It is important to have visitors in hospital because it makes it better. It’s nice to talk to people.
Merry Christmas,
From Blake (14)


Dear Chelsea,
Thanks for my presents, I got a selfie stick and some photographs. It’s a good thing to see visitors – for one thing I can escape lessons! See you again next year. I’m hoping to go home for Christmas, although hospital is lots of fun at Christmas too. Sometimes we play on scooters (and have them confiscated!) and can tease the nurses. They have to take a break from us.
Happy Christmas,
From Heidi