AlienRory wrote this fantastic story of aliens inspired by his drama lesson.




Once there was an evil computer. It destroyed all life and needed its soldiers to protect it. Something had to be done. Luckily, a bunch of army people named Rory, Mary and pilot Jenna came about. But, you’ll find out more about them later.

            They were sent on a mission to Africa to destroy the evil computer. When they got there pilot Jenna said “Hey boss we’re over our destination” and she put the ladder down. But Rory being so silly thought the helicopter had landed and he stepped out on accident and fell to the ground. “AHHHHHHHHHH! I broke my back!” He exclaimed. And pilots Jenna said “Got off to a bad start eh?” Then Mary being more clever went down the ladder and said to Rory “What were you thinking?” Rory said, “I’ll explain it later, ok?”


            They unlocked the door. And Rory said “Hey pilot keep in touch with us.” They entered the room and Rory gasped. “Ah a soldier” he whispered. I know what I can do, so he hid behind the wall and knocked on the side. The soldier turned around and said “hmm? What was that?” And he walked over towards Rory. Rory jumped out and knocked him out. “Sweet dreams” he said. And he gave him a teddy bear!


            Mary being a bit girly said “oh Rory did you have to do that? It is so violent!” Rory said “Come on, we have to knock out a couple of soldiers to complete the mission don’t we?!” And Mary said “I suppose.”


            Meanwhile, pilot Jenna was drinking a cup of tea and said “is everything alright down there?!” “YESSSSS” said Mary and Rory. So they entered the next room. Rory was surprised, “I don’t understand! There should be more cameras and soldiers.” Then he saw a camera and shot it with his gun! Mary with surprise, thought the gun looked a bit strange but before she could open her mouth Rory put the gun back into his pocket and Mary thought she was just imagining things.


            They walked on. Then pilot Jenna said “there are three soldiers crouched down by the bookshelf.” Before she got to finish her sentence Rory got out the strange gun again and blasted the bookshelf into oblivion, leaving nothing but dust! Mary said “Where on Earth did you get that gun?” Rory smiled, “I’ll explain it after we’ve done our mission.”


            When they got to the next room there was another soldier, but badly wounded. And the soldier threw a knife then fell dead. The knife ripped a part of Rory’s skin off. To Mary’s surprise the bit where the knife hit was now glowing, a green beautiful glow. Mary said “WHAT ARE YOU?” Rory looked a bit sad and confused. “Alright” he said. “I’m an alien and I do not work for the Army, I work for the ABC.” “What does that mean?” said Mary. Rory said “Alien Blasting Corporation.” Mary spoke to pilot Jenna “OH my god! He’s an alien. Land the helicopter, I’m getting out of here!” “You can trust me” said Rory. “Not all aliens are evil you know? The aliens here are though.” “What do you mean there are aliens here?” said Mary. “Alright Ill explain it. Pilot Jenna are there any green glowing life forms that keep disappearing on the scanner?” “Yes” replied pilot Jenna. “Well they’re aliens. There are 50 billion aliens in the world. Most of them are in big cities like New York, Capital City, or Beijing, Tokyo and many more. Unfortunately only 5,000 of them are good aliens, and I am one of those 5,000.” Then Rory showed his true form. Green glowing tentacles were all around him. Every part of his body was green except for the hair and his mouth. And his face was a slightly darker green then the rest of the body. Mary almost fainted with shock! Then she counted Rory’s arms “one, two, three, four, five…” Rory interrupted her and finished her sentence “SIX!” he said.

            “You know that computer that we are trying to destroy?” Rory asked. “Yes” said Mary. “Well that computer destroyed my entire species; I’m the last of my kind. So I want to destroy that computer in return.” “I can understand how you feel” said Mary “But what if somebody finds out that you are not human and you get arrested?” “I can just shape shift my way out of the prison bars” said Rory.  “Shape shift? What do you mean shape shift?” said Mary. “Literally, shape shift” said Rory and he put his fingers on a tiny crack on the wall and he shape shifted his fingers to go through the tiny hole in the wall and reach the end. “now anyways we must continue on with our mission” said Rory. Mary was shocked, she didn’t want to move a muscle. “When I was young, I never believed in aliens. But, now I do.”             


By Rory