roller-coaster-23 Justin wrote this piece of creative writing about a ride on a roller-coaster. 







In English lessons at the Royal Brompton Hospital, students have been learning about travel writing.  We read an extract called Sinking Fast by Steve Callahan, an American yachtsman, who sailed single-handedly between England and Antigua.  In his article, Steve Callahan uses a range of interesting techniques to recount the terrifying experience of his yacht sinking.  Students identified the different techniques the writer used, and we discussed the impact of these techniques on the readers. 

Students then wrote their own pieces, in which they used a range of language techniques to recount an exciting journey, or experience, in their own lives.  Justin wrote this piece of creative writing about a ride on a roller-coaster.  We were really impressed by his use of a range of different techniques such as imagery and dramatic language.  Well done Justin!

It was so nerve-racking. Waiting for the never-ending line to move. The sun was burning my delicate skin as I pointless waited... and waited. Birds were squawking ahead. Trees were swaying in the distant breeze. The sound of people talking and chattering was so monotonous it burned my head.

“Ah! That was so amazing! I didn’t even see that eighty metre drop! ”shouted a girl with so much energy. This changed my whole attitude to the ride. Now I felt nervous. What could happen? Could I drop and fall to my death? I felt as scared as a mouse lurking in a lion’s den. Before I knew it I was gobbled in and was ready to go...

Thud! The ride had started. I wasn’t ready my conscience kept screaming “Get out, Get out!” As I trundled up the daunting path boulders of sweat thundered down my hot head. CLUNK! We had stopped. I panicked. Fear swept through out my body. I could see hundreds of people queuing for the ride. Whoosh! I was hurled down an eighty metre drop with no mercy. My face was pummelled against the wind. My cheeks were flapping back and forth. SMACK! We hit the water. The collision shocked my body as we stormed on the next drop. It was not as intense as the first drop but it was still good. We eventually slowed down but in our path were some statues squirting water at us like elephants taking a shower. Shrieks and screams were launched from all directions. I got out and stared with pride at the ride and what I had just accomplished...

By Justin Le Aged 12. 05/04/2011.