Michael and RobinBeing creative with smoothie making in Design and Technology




   Tropical Explosion



   What you need:

1.   Half a Mango

2.  One Banana

3.  A Quarter of a Medium Sized Pineapple

4.  One Satsuma

smoothie_ingredients.jpg5.  Half a glass of apple juice   

6.  A glass to put the apple juice in

7.  A smoothie maker

8.  A knife





How to make it:

1.  Slice up all of your fruit into small slices

2.  Put all the sliced up fruit in the smoothie maker

3.  Add half a glass of apple juice into the smootie maker

4.  Turn on the smoothie maker full blast!  Mix all of the fruit for about a minute

5.  Pour into a glass

6.  Add a paper umbrella

7.  Drink

This recipe was created by Michael (14)