sushiIn Design Technology at the Brompton this term we have been making vegetable sushi.  Click here and you too can learn how to make it!!!




The ingredients The ingredients:

-  Sushi rice

-  Rice vinegar

-  Seaweed

-  A selection of vegetables (we used carrot, cucumber, red peppers)

-  Soy Sauce

-  Wasabi



- Wooden spoon     - Sharp knife

- Saucepan              - Sushi mat





Boiled rice


Boil the sushi rice for recommended time according to instuctions on packet.











 Cutting the vegetables


Carefully slice the vegetables in to thin strips.















Spreading the rice


Lay the seaweed shiny side down upon the sushi mat.  Spread the rice evenly half way across the seaweed.  Be sure to dampen your fingers with rice vinegar so that the rice does not get stuck to your fingers.
















Layout the vegetables in a thin line roughly in the middle.

















Carefully roll the seaweed over, making sure you keep it tight. 















Sushi rolled


When you have finished rolling the seeweed and rice in to a cylindrical shape cut in to slices.
















ENJOY!  Serve with soy sauce and wasabi on the side.