clumsy_spy.jpgThe Clumsy Spy
This is our very first animation, made back in the days when computers where steam powered and cameras were clockwork. Despite these obstacles we perserved and here you can see the result:


The Key Stage 3 teacher at the Royal Brompton Hospital site of the hospital school decided to embark on a little adventure.
This adventure turned out to be a big, big adventure, which was great fun, and one that taught us an awful lot. It seemed simple at the start, make a short animated film, compose some music to accompany it with our friends at the London Symphony Orchestra, and……..
Hey Presto! You have a film. We mulled over lots of themes for our animation and eventually decided on a James Bond type character, except he would not be quite as good at his job as 007. No, our spy was not really 'up to scratch' 'Q' as might say.
After setting up our storyboard we went about the task of making backdrops, considering props and casting just the right characters for this fine animation. We were also busy on the sidelines composing with the orchestra.
A very creative time. At first we thought we might use some of the old video cameras that were used to make animations, but quickly decided that computers were really the answer. This was where we really learned a lot, and it is thanks to our ICT coordinator Martin that it has really all come together. There are many other people, who also need thanking, unfortunately too many to mention.
My Oscar acceptance speech will cover that!
Over forty people were involved in this production and it took almost as long as Harry Potter to make, even though it is only three minutes long!
I will have to make a special mention though, of all those young people and children who really made it happen, and also of Mark Withers and 'friends' from the London Symphony Orchestra.