Tudor House

stmary 3
A student at St Mary's spent time learning all about life in Tudor times and made her very own Tudor house.

Ancient Egypt

pharoah small

One of our students at St Mary’s is learning about the Ancient Egyptians. He made some canopic jars, turned himself into a pharaoh and wrote in hieroglyphics.

Chainmail Helmet


When a chainmail helmet arrived in the post at St Mary’s, the team could hardly believe how heavy it was, weighing in a little over 2 kgs. But this didn’t put Caitlin off, as she modelled the helmet for some younger students. The clash of eras when she was working on the computer was really illustrative of how our lives have changed!


montezuma_thumbnailAnyah's Aztec God! Modroc Montezuma with pistachio shells in his belly so he shakes when he dances.





Second World War

gas_mask_thumbnail_website.jpgIn History we are looking at the second world war and focusing on the blitz when London was bombed by the Germans. Khalil was demonstrating how to wear a gas mask.

 Preparing for the Blitz!!



Queen Elizabeth

lizthumbnail.jpgMariam painted this marvelous picture of Queen Elizabeth and she also learnt all about her in History. Well done Mariam!