englishJonah wrote this poem whilst he was with us at St Mary's. I am sure you will agree that it is fantastic and vividly describes the hospital ambience.



A poem for St Mary's Hospital




I want to tell you about a place,


Where a smile is pasted on all the faces,


And chit chat and chocolates are spread around,


And battle scars, bruises and bumps are shown so proud 




Visitors, nervously running around,


when their loved one is sighted,


Hugs and kisses are heard and seen loud and clear,


For they know that they're always near




60p for a coke, say the canteen friends,


And with the pass of the coins, the patient is given his daily fix,


Of wafers, bourbons or candy sticks




Beeps and boing go the machines and getting out becomes more likely, and all the goodness comes into you, through a needle, tablet or even tube




You see, this place, it currently houses me,


And only when, you come inside,


and play in the school room and sit on my bed


That the hospital I live in really starts to thrive




By Jonah - age 12