Check out these wonderful poems our students Caitlin and Terry wrote together with our Poet in Residence Philip Wells.

 Arballog by Terry

I am a volcano exploding
A chain reaction
Of words erupting
I wish for the volcanoes
That does not erupt
But stays calm
And lets lava slow
And ... into the toughness
Of rocks.
The rocks ............... all weathers
The raindrops and the sunbeams
The skatiness of the snowflakes

Lynarna by Caitlin 

Life is not about loosing
Your loved ones or
Not being who you were planned to be.
A new hope will always
Raise itself to meet you even though you don't see it.
Never underestimate how the ripples of life work.
Anyone can find their happy endings.

Stretching hands always seem to go into the same direction,
the direction of the far away,
not yet existent world.
It seems to be that everyone, even Gods, seek more and more power,
To create only a place better suited for their own.
Yet only one being on this world accomplished such a thing.
A giant collision was made, yet she was not.
This only teaches us that one must loose
Something if controlled with such a selfish desire.

One does not simple allow themselves to think of themselves as useless
or this world to be a thin string, held by life and end.

Here a strong woman stand, her hands
Her hands out stretched to her not yet land
Bearing a symbol of power yet time
For her doesn't go any slower
A hand full with the power of Tempus
A life of guilt is now at its fullest
Being alone for eternity once again
Or maybe this is just the end
The out stretched hand now has its grasp
On the small green planet grass
A collision made, Tempus and world
A new life begins to unfold.
Falling back the once stretched lips straighten
The eyes of the Brand new creator
Closing only to show demise
Of the brand new life of the planet inside
Her cold clasped hand.

Untitled by Anonymous

Hands clutching at polluted air
Freefalling through a lapse in space
Voices quietening as the land falls away
Passing through  the out stretched hands
Desperate words fading away from ears unheard.
The coils of a burden stripped away
A cynical world left behind.
The hand of a watch is slowing down
A weight is falling away from burdened shoulders
A smile spreading over hardened ups
The free fall is slowing, the descent nearly over.
Hands are waiting to catch you.
To cradle you to them like
Mother to child.
To light the untrodden way
The binds that have once bound
Now hang limp
Like starts fallen from the skies.
A freedom is here,
An unpolluted air,
Left without fear.