Salma, who is a student from Dubai, looked at the staff pictures on the CCHS website and was inspired to write her own contribution. She used some of the questions that staff have answered, and also made up a few of her own!

 What is a fact we didn’t know about you before?

When I was three years old, when someone did something wrong or bad, I would go to my mum and say ‘it wasn’t me’ and my mum would tell me ‘I know it’s not you!’. So one time when my mum was angry with my brother and sister, and asked who did it, they also said ‘not me, not me!’

Also, when I was little, I used to hide in a small cupboard under the TV. My family looked for me and they tried to find me. When they found me, then after that every time they couldn’t find me, they would look there.

My interests

I love fashion so when I want to do shopping I spend a lot of hours looking. It’s important to choose your own clothes and style. I like to buy my pyjamas from Primark because every week they bring out a new design. I don’t know how many pairs of pyjamas I have but it’s about fifty!! It’s a lot! The winter pyjamas are soft and lovely. I have Bambi winter pyjamas. Bambi is a Disney character and the colour is pink and brown. Everybody likes these pyjamas because they look cute. Every day I wear different pyjamas. My mum, when she went shopping, I said “check if there is anything new in Primark and buy it for me!”.

I also buy other clothes, not just pyjamas. I went shopping at different stores. I like to see the things, not online shopping. But I do like Accessorize. I like gold and pearls. When someone goes home to Dubai we send some gifts for my brother and sisters.

What is your favourite film?

I don’t have a favourite film. I have a lot of Disney films that I like. For example, I like The Little Mermaid because I love sea life. My favourite character in this film was Ariel because she is pretty and has beautiful red hair. I also like The Lion King and I like the song ‘Circle of Life’ where all the animals join in and it shows the natural world in Africa. When I see that I feel happy and I want to visit this place!


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