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Students worked with Philip Wells the Fire Poet to create these two wonderful poems - sit back and take a read!


Gewsium, Gewsium,

The power of anger goes through my veins.

I am a lion with grace and fame.

A self-taught leader with pride and courage.

A heart full of gold,

Whose dignity is bold as the mountains of the earth.

I am Gewsium, the almighty leader.

by Seddig, 11


Outside time, outside time,

The nurses of ping-pong are very, very kind.

Punch through the ceiling, punch through the sky,

Shout at the drum say “Sibber-sabber-sigh”.

No, no, no, says the tummy button king,

Those little bits of fluff, they can’t do anything.

The magic’s up my nose, the magic I can smell,

I’m sniffing ice cream as if it were a spell.

Nikey, Pikey, Bikey, put it in your belly,

Time to watch magic Timothy on the telly!

Spooker, Jabooker, Dibber-dabber-dooker!

Spooker, Jabooker, Dibber-dabber-dooker!

by Timothy, 9