steves_dt.jpgIn Design and Technology lessons with Steve we have been focusing this term on keeping things safe. Here are some photo frames that Suganthan (4) and Rania (7) have designed and created to keep their precious photos safe in. 




To Make Rania's photo frame we took five photos of her from face on, from the left, the right, from behind and from above. She then made a cube out of card and stuck the photos on five of the sides. We think the result looks fantastic! 



 raniaface.jpg  raniasideleft.jpg
 raniasideright.jpg  raniarear.jpg
 raniaaerial.jpg  steve_dt_closeup.jpg


 suganthansframe.jpg  steve_dt2.jpg
 Suganthan made his own frame for his photo and i think you'll agree it looks brilliant!  And here they both are very deservedly showing off their amazing work. Well done to you both!