The Secondary pupils at St Mary's watched a film about the potential dangers of using social networking sites. They wrote some guidelines to advise other young people on how they can use sites such as Facebook safely.


 Social Networking

I am going to explain about social network to my younger sister who is aged 11 about the internet and social networks and give her some guidelines: so this is what I would say to my little sister, real talk and I am not joking right now so take this advice who ever reads this, whether you’re a baby or 100 pay attention.


Ø  I know I am your older brother and we fight and sometimes don’t get along and you wouldn’t want to tell me anything. But I want to talk to you about about social networks like facebook, MySpace, bebo and any other sites, I know your getting older and your gonna be 16 one day, and your body is changing and your hormones will  be raging.

Ø  I want you to respect yourself, if you wanna put pictures of you self on these social network sites, be classy not trashy because you’re a beautiful young girl and when your older, I hate to say this but you are gonna get attention from guys .

Ø  When I mean respect yourself that means love yourself, be true to yourself, know how you are and this will prevent you have self esteem issues and every time you do something or make a decision always look at your mother, look at the way she respect herself and sets boundaries so let mum be your good influence and this will protect you from bullying and stupid boys who aren’t very nice.

Ø  If you have a social network site make sure you only add your friends that you know and trust that won’t play you, or hurt you, or pray to see your downfall because it is very important you know who your true friends are starting from this age.

Ø  Make sure you have privacy setting so your true friends can only have access to it and you can block people you don’t won’t to know and remember I don’t want to see pose provocatively, don’t do things you wouldn’t want us to see and always be dress classy not trashy because if you disrespect yourself and don’t let other people control you or make decision for you.

Ø  Be wise because we are not always gonna be there to watch over you and make decision that are sensible and not the ones you would regret.

Ø  Don’t put your real details on the internet period let alone social networking sites for example you number, date of birth, where you live, you age and so on if they truly wanna know what your age is and stuff let them ask you but again this comes all down to being wise and respecting yourself.

Ø   And just know I love you, that if you need to talk I’m here for you as your big brother just remember be wise and follow yourself no one else, be a leader for all the girls your age the generation needs teaching and you can be the one to lead. That’s all I have to say to you stay blessed and just know your much loved.

    By Daniel Aged 18

How To Be Safe On The Internet


·        Always have a privacy setting to allow only your friends to see your profile and photo’s on any social networking site such as Bebo, Facebook , Myspace etc

·        Always know who your talking to and only accept your  friends and not people you don’t know

·        Always keep your password to yourself

·        Never plan to meet anyone you have met over the internet chat sites

·        Never give out any personal detail eg: Address,birthdays and age

·        If someone you don’t know is talking to you, you can block them or report abuse

·        Always be sensible about photos you put up on your profile eg don’t be too revealing with your clothes and its not always about attention!


By Darrius Aged 15


Guidelines  For Young Children


Don’t show  pictures of your self  to people you  don’t  know.


If you do have a  profile make sure you show your profile to just your friends


Don’t  talk to strangers!!


If  you are worried  about something make sure you talk to someone about it.