Weaving Patterns

weavethumb.jpgOur Primary class at St.Mary's have been investigating pattern. They have been looking at the work of artist Bridget Riley and have produced these fantastic paper weaves inspired by what they've seen.

Just for fun

vangoughthumbnail.jpgErin produced this Van Gough painting just as something to do to pass the time. We think you'll agree the result is striking.

Self Portrait

ciaranthumbnail.jpgCiaran has recently finished his self-portrait which he decided to do in a mosaic style using ripped up pieces of paper. The result is incredible. Take a look at the close ups.

Golden Compass

thumbnail.jpgLast term to coincide with the launch of the film based on Philip Pullman's popular novel 'The Golden Compass', we created a fantastic display in the Primary classroom.

What's in a building

What's in a buildingKey stage 3 student Sammie participated in the secondary Art lessons. The scheme 'What's in a Building' focused on sculpture and mod 3 D sculpture in plastic. Sammie made a 3 D sculpture of a building using a variety of materials.