Making Neckties

Tiana and Matty spent the afternoon designing and painting neck ties.They used online materials to reference their design ideas, then painted using textile paints. What beautiful results!


Billy's Great Fire of London

Billy thumbnail

Billy worked hard to create a scene from The Great Fire of London. He came up with the idea to smudge chalk for smoke and directed me about where to put the flames and what shapes and colours to use. Can you spot St Paul's Cathedral, the other 17th century buildings and the rescue boats?

Tutti Frutti

Nora fruit 3

Nora created this stunning fruit themed collage using coloured paper. She carefully ripped the paper to form individual fruit shapes before adding the detail and highlights.



Portrait_thumbnailThe students looked at a range of self portraits by famous artists and chose a style to create a self portrait of their own. Natasha produced this stunning Van Gogh inspired self portrait.






Perfect Pizza

Perfect_Pizza_thumbnail Our topic at St Mary's this term is Healthy Eating and we have been exploring foods that are healthy and some that are not so healthy! In art to link with this topic, we have been trying to make replica foods as realistically as possible using a range of materials. Arandeep made this delicious pizza using cardboard, newspaper, mod roc, acrylic paint and coloured paper.



Art with the National Gallery

woman_thumbsky_thumbWe have been very fortunate to have a termly visit from Viyki Turnbull an artist lecturer from the National Gallery. During her visits Vikki has been exploring some of the paintings from the National Gallery collection and revealing to the children the stories that they hold. Inspired by these images the children have then been making their own art with great results. A big thank you to Viyki for such interesting and enjoyable art sessions.



Wildlife of the African Savannah

savannah_wildlife_001We linked art with science this week and the students made these magnificent masks of animals who live in the African Savannah. Can you guess who is hiding behind the masks?





Flowers by Sadiya

sadiya_art_work_003One of our super students Sadiya painted this beautiful picture of flowers. Well done Sadiya lovely work!