St Marys

Xmas Snowflakes

Students at St Mary's have been getting into the festive mood by making these cool Xmas Snowflakes from lollipop sticks!

Music making with LSO


Scott and Ayoub made music with musicians Mark and Charlotte from LSO inspired by a story about a boy called Bob who travelled into outer space. Take a listen!

Roald Dahl characters

During the summer the children choose a Roald Dahl character,  traced it and then painted it to celebrate Roald Dahl's birthday. The children really enjoyed this activity and had lots of fun making a mess with paint!

St Mary's Tomatoes

The tomato plants are taking over the St Mary's classroom! Even though they were only planted at Easter, they're already bearing fruits. We are not sure that they will be ready for pasta sauce or ketchup recipes by the time summer is here, and no doubt the holiday programme participants will want to eat them all. But it's exciting that Science can remind us of awe and wonder as well as the passing of time!

Mehed's Artwork

Take a look at this wonderful artwork made by Mehed, a young man with special needs, who has to stay in his cubicle at St Mary's.