Your World Our World

Your World Our World Following on from the success of 'Friendship Without Borders', we are now embarking upon another EU Comenius project, entitled 'Your World Our World'...

The Big Question……..How does what we do locally to / in our environment affect us all?

So far we have 5 confirmed schools who want to work together: The Chelsea Community Hospital School in London, UK.  Strzyzowice Primary School,  Poland. The 2nd Special Nursery school of Patras, Greece (together with some of the teachers with the 2nd Special Primary School.  Sairaalakoulu Oulu, Oulu Hospital School, Finland and the Parma Hospital School, Italy. 

The project will focus on the Environment - possibly with a specific focus on our local natural environments to include our nearest rivers (or coastline).

The project outcomes to be delivered through performance, musical composition, film, puppetry, animation etc. Technology to be exploited to the full in linking our outcomes as well as the process.  English to be the shared language but many languages including pupil’s first and second languages, sign, body language and non verbal communication to be used in the teaching and project work itself.

Have a look at some of our ideas on the project website: