suitThree of our staff, Kim, Fred and Shaun, spent a week working together with our partner school in Iceland  on the "Travelling Suitcase Project" as part of our Big Green Footsteps Project. More details here and on the project website -

 We (Kim,Shaun,Fred) visited Bruarskoli , Dalbrut, Reykjavik (Bridge,PsychiatricUnit School) from Monday 3rd to Friday 7th March 2014.

We presented and ran our “Travelling Suitcase project” (original concept by Shaun….extended and adapted by Kim,Fred and Shaun!) during 4 mornings following a general introduction on Monday.

The suitcase project combines games,stories, drama, image and film making.

The main traveller in the case is Mr A . Twigg who features in Fred’s London intro film! ….

Children and young people in Iceland took their inspiration from the objects arranged in the “vintage style” suitcase (brought at very reasonable cost from Barnardos Charity shop!) which was “retro’d” expertly with Comenius town luggage labels by Myla and Katie community students at C.W site. In the classroom ,after hearing an example story written by Millie (ex Collingham pupil) about a story at Bruarskoli Dalbrut we played games, wrote stories , drew images in small books and then made animated films all based on objects from the suitcase!

Oh yes…. almost forgot……of course the stories/films had to either contain the words BIG GREEN FOOTSTEPS or have a “Green/sustainable” message or moral. Much fun was had and the highlight of the week was a “screening” complete with popcorn of the Icelandic pupil’s films.


Animations made by some pupils:



While Shaun and Fred were busy photographing and editing animations with some pupils Kim helped others write their “hopes for a green and better future” on green footprint cards , reply to CCHS pupils on Iceland/Reykjavik postcards and complete an appliqued letter each on the bunting which will eventually spell out “BIG GREEN FOOTSTEPS, COMENIUS”..... it’s a travelling work in progress. The bunting and the footstep messages are now incorporated into the suitcase.

Apart from this we still had time to do so many other things . We were lucky to be shown around where the children stay , visit the other day patient section of Bruarskoli, Barnaspitala the children’s hospital school in town, travel in a snow storm out to Solhheimmar a sustainable community as well as join in special Lent festivities.

It was an added bonus to be joined from Wednesday by Isabella a tutor from our Comenius partner school on Krakow!

All in all a fantastic visit! Look out for a lot more here and on Big Green Footsteps soon!

P.S Forgot to mention …Mr Twigg now has a partner and a pet dog!