Visit to Gaza

g1Three of our school team visited four UNWRA schools in Gaza and worked with our two colleagues Mohammed Al Tataari and Jehan Ashour together with headteachers and colleagues at all four schools.

See videos of their work with pupils at the four UNWRA schools.


Talking with Gaza

gaza_thumbSince receiving the International School Award from the British Council in 2010, we have continued our educational links with a number of schools in different countries.
As part of the Nour Festival we set up a live link-up with the Jabalia Prep "A" School in Gaza.
We have a continuing project between our two schools in which the students explore and share lifestyles, cultural differences and comparisons of their environments. Students and members of the public asked their own questions to children and teachers from the school.

Video conference with school in Gaza

gaza_VCWatch our video conference with the teachers and pupils of our Comenius partner school in Gaza.
Thanks especially to Mohammed for organising this - his pupils have a very good standard of English. After we had finished we talked to our pupils about why they took so many of their opportunities for granted - including their education!