HOPE IT workshop, Remiremont, France, 2005 HOPE IT workshop, Remiremont, France, 2005
HOPE is an association of European hospital teachers.. 20 Hospital School Educators met in Remiremont in France to take part in a workshop on New Technology.


We spent one day creating Photomontages from digital photos using Paintshop. This is a project that has been successfully used in the Hospital School at Remiremont.

The next day we explored ways of communicating including MSN Messenger, and a new Chat and Forum website set up for Atelier 3 by Robert from Bruxelles.
This looks a very promising tool of communication and we will be evaluating it over the coming year, and proposing it as a tool for the other Hope workshop groups.

We also worked on developing Video Conferencing links, and looked at work produced by children in our schools.