HOPE (Hospital Organisation of Pedagogues in Europe) is an organisation which links Hospital Teachers throughout Europe and beyond.

HOPE arranges a European Congress every two years which provides an opportunity for teachers to meet and discuss European Hospital School teaching and for specialist continuing professional development.

In addition to linking hospital teachers together HOPE also supports the education of children in hospital through international workshops. These workshops arise from common areas of interest which are developed and maintained using ICT and interim meetings of the working groups.

As an organisation HOPE also offers support to European colleagues whose Hospital education services are facing uncertainty in these economically challenging times. The support aims to preserve the right to adequate services for pupils with a medical or a mental health need throughout Europe.

Our school has contributed to many Hope conferences and in 2006 we hosted the conference here in London. See the menu links for details of individual conferences.

Hope website www.hospitalteachers.eu

Join Hope here: www.hospitalteachers.eu/who/become-a-member