World E-citizens Project

World E-citizens Project
Prague Feb 2007

Our Head Teacher Janette Steel and two of our Teaching Assistants/ICT staff Ben and Fred recently travelled to Prague as part of our new link with Miranda Net. The conference that they attended was based around the idea of an ‘Etopia.’ Etopia allows teachers and pupils all over the world to publish their ideas about the world they would like to see take shape. Etopia

They shared ideas with other Head Teachers, Teachers and ICT Professionals on how each school could create a solid link with there partner schools in Prague to build a World E-citizens Project. The conference also gave the opportunity for each school to make a presentation on how they implement ICT in their curriculum and their use of technology to further the pupils understanding of ICT and its applications

Etopia conference participants

On the day before the conference at the Czech Technical University, Fred and Ben visited ZS Cerveny vrch a local school that was pushing for more ICT to be used in education.

ZS Cerveny vrch school












They were warmly welcomed and shown around the school by six pupils who spoke excellent English and talked about their experiences at the school and resources that are used. After the tour Ben and Fred had brought along with them on the visit a laptop and a Digital Blue camera to teach the children Stop Motion Animation…

Students of ZS Cerveny vrch school animating

On the Friday the day after the conference Janette, Fred and Ben visited our partner Zakladni skola (Basic School with Faculty Hospital FN) and spoke to one of the teachers.

Faculty Hospital












At the time the school was on half term and was in the process of being rebuilt, but they were fortunate enough to be shown the wards and even managed say hello to a couple of the patients/pupils. From this visit they learnt which resources the school already had and that they will be obtaining new laptops after the rebuild.

One of the Faculty Hospital School's pupils

Faculty Hospital Schools Playroom

On Saturday the conference groups were brought back together and shared their experiences and thoughts on possible projects that could be made with the schools in Prague.

Saturday was also the day that Fred and Ben presented their Animation Workshop to the conference. After showing there colleagues examples of animations that had been created at Chelsea Children’s Hospital School they talked about how animation can be used with the curriculum and how it can help some hard to reach pupils. They discussed what Animation is (a series of pictures that once layered together will create movement) and then gave a demonstration of the Digital Blue camera and software. Everyone was then split into groups and working as teams they each had an hour to create a short story using the Digital Blue camera and software.

Ben and Freds animation workshop for the conference participants

We have decided to create a link through the use of Stop Motion Animation using Digital Blue software. Our first steps will be to make sure both parties’ have and can use this equipment and the way we have decided to do this is to create a "How to Video". We hope that our pupils will then be able to share these animations and learn not only from us but also our European friends and vice versa.