collage of healing art artworksHealing Art is an exhibition of children's art work which includes paintings, prints, photographs, mosaics, sculptures, masks and also poetry and writing. The subjects explored include bullying, isolation, terrorism, and self-portraits that show how it feels to be in hospital.

The Healing Art exhibition was conceived in 1998 when the charity A Picture of Health, which uses art to demystify medicine for the public, approached Chelsea Children's Hospital School to discuss the concept of collecting the children's art into an exhibition. The unique collection of art includes paintings, prints, mosaics, clay sculptures and masks plus poetry and writings. The children have produced all this varied work under the guidance of the teachers, and artist in residence and a poet in residence, who all work collaboratively to produce an enriched arts curriculum. The art allows the children to express their feelings about subjects such as bullying, terrorism, myself in hospital and the outside world.
Since it began the exhibition has been touring throughout England and also abroad to Barcelona.
It is currently on display at Corinium Museum, Cirencester 

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Collage of all the Healing Arts artworks