Two of our pupils Grace and Frank received special awards at the TRIP Pupil Celebration at Tate Modern.

Last Thursday it was with great pride that I attended the Pixl Trip Student Achievement Celebration at Tate Modern. The reason for this immense pride was because I saw two CCHS pupils, Grace Farren and Frank Savidge receive awards for their commitment and dedication to their education regardless of obstacles that can make this difficult. They were very worthy recipients of this recognition, as was demonstrated by the pomp and ceremony of the occasion, along with the very tasty cake and cookie reception laid on for all the award winners at the celebration. Eating cake, drinking tea and enjoying the spectacular view from the 6th Floor of the Tate Modern really made all of us feel very special.


Both Grace and Frank looked so smart and confident as they walked to the stage to collect their certificates and gifts from Sir John Rowling, the founder of Pixl. Don't you agree that Frank looked very at home behind behind the lectern...not unlike the pose of a certain president? Sir John went on to give an inspirational and brief talk about perseverance.

g1Grace with Mum  Jezmond

This speech worked well alongside the presentation give by Jack Tanner, artist-in-residence at Carshalton Boys School. Jack described how he had often struggled with his education, but found that with support from those around him, at home and at school, he was able to find the route that was best for him. This is an experience that we as teachers at CCHS are part of everyday.