Writers’ Ink is a new blog created by Chelsea Community Hospital School to celebrate children’s writing across our school.
Exciting writing is so much more than being able to identify a subordinate clause. Exciting writing is, in the words of poet and author Michael Rosen, ‘pleasure, stimulation, feeling, curiosity, wonder and fun and children finding their own voice.’ It is a love for language and the wonderful ways it can be used and manipulated to engage, entertain, inform and create. Take a read of the children's wonderful writing!

At CCHS we recognise that writing exists in a variety of ways; from mark making and emergent writing, writing in symbols, simple words and sentences, to poems and stories. Our writing blog showcases and celebrates children’s writing in any form. So check out the ‘Writer’s Ink’ blog to get inspiration. Write a word, write a sentence, write a story, write a diary, write a poem, write a speech – just write!

Writers' Ink