We asked our secondary English teacher Rachael for her top suggestions for new books for the summer.

“We’re at that exciting time of year when summer is stretching ahead of you, six golden weeks……. But what will you do with yourself the whole time?! This is the perfect time to pick up a new summer read, and here’s a list of writers currently causing excitement amongst young adult readers. Some by prize winning authors, some by old favourites – even one by famous beauty vlogger Zoe Sugg! Yes, reading is great for your brain, but it’s also just a great way to escape the four walls of your room for a bit. Try something new, and if you come across any amazing reads this summer, we’d love to hear about them when you come back to school.”

New Books

The bunker diary
/ Kevin Brooks - v. dark thriller (but aimed at teenagers). Contains violence.
Lies we tell ourselves / Robin Talley - historical with gay romance. Set during the civil rights era - one of the main characters is the first black girl to integrate into the white school; the other is a racist white girl.
Girl online / Zoe Sugg - by a famous beauty vlogger. About a teenage vlogger with anxiety, with some romance.
Am I normal yet? Holly Bourne. Girl with OCD goes to uni - some romantic elements, but more about friendship - quite a feminist novel. 
Trouble / Non Pratt. Dual narrative boy / girl between a pregnant teenager and the boy who pretends to be the father (for complicated reasons). Contains sex.
Pretty little liars / Sara Shepherd ... long series of which there is a v popular TV adaptation... mystery thriller with scandal - some sex and drug use.
Geek girl / Holly Smale. Geeky girls becomes model. Written humorously.
Not new but still very popular:

Noughts and Crosses / Malorie Blackman ... racist dystopia with white people as a subordinate class. With romance.
The recruit / Robert Muchamore. Spy action thriller - but the spies are child/teens.
The enemy / Charlie Higson. Zombie horror. Contains violence.
Gone / Michael Grant. Fantasy thriller. All the adults mysteriously vanish - chaos ensues.