After a visit by the Minister of Education from Chile our Principal Janette was invited to travel to Chile to present our model of hospital education. Here are her first impressions of arriving in Santiago.

 “After a 22 hour journey I arrived in Santiago to a cold misty morning - 8°C. I was dressed for the 28°C I had expected - the first glimpse of the Andes still covered in snow - the beginnings of spring with the sumptuous purple blossom of the Jacaranda trees - maple trees of every type and our own friendly Plane trees lining the streets - giving shade when the sun exploded through the mist - but what really strikes the senses is the people - friendly warm reaching out as I stumble with my infant’s Spanish - the easy laughter, music the different styles clashing but with an acceptance - and the ubiquitous graffiti - some exploring the political situation and others full of delightful humour asking you to respond.”