Three of our staff team, Janette, Martin and Shaun, travelled to Moscow to present at “The 1st All Russian Conference with International Participation” at the new Uchimznaem hospital.

Shaun and Martin arrived in Moscow on the Friday before the conference for some sightseeing. They visited Red Square at night, just before it was closed in preparation for the upcoming “Unity Day” celebrations.
mdx 20171103 IMG 4363

Then Janette joined them at their new hotel near the Uchimznaem children’s hospital.mdx 20171108 DSCF4254

The Uchimznaem children's hospital.
mdx 20171108 DSCF4249

Our visit began with a quick tour of the well-equipped and purpose built hospital schoolrooms.
mdx 20171106 DSC 5307

The conference opened with hospital doctors treating us to a classical music performance.mdx 20171106 DSC 5396

Sergey Sharikov, the project manager of the hospital, opened the conference.
mdx 20171106 DSC 2370

Jan Haverkate, the president of HOPE, spoke about the work of HOPE.mdx 20171106 DSC 2321

As the majority of the conference members were Russian speakers each of us were assigned with a translator, a student of English at the university, which made a huge difference to us being able to participate in the conference.
mdx 20171106 DSC 5412

As well as our Russian colleagues there were also attendees from Armenia, Greece, Netherlands and Romania.
mdx 20171106 IMG 4531

mdx 20171106 DSC 2304

In the afternoon there were a range of workshops to attend, including Janette’s “Educating the Emotions through the Arts”.mdx 20171106 DSC 5579

And Lego robotics workshops.
mdx 20171106 IMG 4538

mdx 20171106 DSC 5631

Technology is key to the work of the hospital school.
mdx 20171107 DSC 6212

Shaun gave a workshop called “The Art of Participation – a means to engage, interact and inform”. The creating of a portrait of the queen was very well received!mdx 20171106 DSC 5757

mdx 20171106 IMG 4556

mdx 20171106 IMG 4551

mdx 20171106 IMG 4562

The next day the deputy minister for education visited the conference.mdx 20171107 DSC 2603

Janette gave a presentation to the conference about the work of our hospital school.mdx 20171107 DSC 2624

mdx 20171107 DSC 5963

mdx 20171107 DSC 2723

And Martin presented the “Well at School” website and project.
mdx 20171107 DSC 2655

mdx 20171107 DSC 5997

mdx 20171107 DSC 2730

A group photo with our new collegues.
mdx 20171107 DSC 6130

Sergey, Natalia and Jan.
mdx 20171107 DSC 6177

English teachers Pavel and Araksya.
mdx 20171107 DSC 2789

More group photos.
mdx 20171107 DSC 6190

Janette meets the radio presenter.
mdx 20171107 DSC 6283

The important cloakroom attendants were really friendly!
mdx 20171107 IMG 4622

A huge thank-you to our translators, volunteer students from the University, who all worked so hard translating for us!
mdx 20171109 IMG 4712

mdx 20171109 IMG 4716

mdx 20171109 IMG 4719

On the final evening we visited Vorobyovy Gory and saw the purple trees at Sparrow Hills.
mdx 20171109 IMG 4710

The facilities at the Uchimznaem hospital school are truly amazing – it just goes to show what you can do with the space and funding for a purpose built building and sponsorship from Samsung!

It was a wonderful experience to meet with, discuss and share our experiences with our new colleagues and we look forward to finding new ways of working together.