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Congratulations to Lloyd who was Ordained as a Deacon by the Bishop of  Ely on the 30th June 2019. On a beautiful sunlit day in the magnificent Ely Cathedral with its exquisite stained glass windows, we were honoured as members of CCHS and former colleagues of Lloyd to be in invited to be witnesses as he was ordained as a Deacon.


'This service recognises the gifts of those called to specific ministries and confers on them the authority to exercise their ministries.  Prayer and the laying on of hands signify that it is God the Holy Spirit who equips and empowers men and women for ministry and commissions them for service in the church and in the world. We, in turn, pledge ourselves to uphold them in this task'    

We were all so very moved by this Service, an enchanting setting and powerful voices in the choir to celebrate this very moving service - enabled us all to reflect on how we can achieve our goals in life and through this help and support others.