Welcome back to all the students and teachers, we have had a great welcome from Lavender Walk who have missed the teachers hugely - and greeted them with bribes of chocolate to make them promise they would not go away again!

At the other hospitals, there has been a holiday programme each day staffed by the learning mentors, teaching assistants, our famous artist of course and also we welcomed back two of our students who have worked through the school holidays with great energy and verve bringing much fun and laughter to the summer.  Thank you all so very much, from the reports from the wards and especially Collingham it is clear your ideas and presence supported the nursing team.



What a brilliant results day - congratulations to all our students and to the teachers, learning mentors and our very special volunteers for their dedication and additional hours they have put in for example homework clubs and other after school support.

Our group of community students has all faced very complex medical and psychological issues - and their results, therefore, are quite remarkable.

So many thanks to Ben our careers officer who has worked closely with our SENCo

Nicola and Lala our learning mentor to ensure all our students were accepted at college.

Ben will continue to support them over the autumn term.

Special thanks to Charlotte who continued to teach her student with bone cancer at home during the holiday - and to Amy who worked so very hard at Collingham during the summer.

Congratulations to Lala who commences her Doctorate in Psychotherapy whilst still working as a Lead Learning Mentor and our musician and web site designer Martin who embarks on a Photography Masters as well as continuing his brilliant music teaching.

Thank you so much to all staff who show such care and generosity in putting in extra time and thought into our students.

We said a sad farewell to Karen our office and we wish her all the very best for her retirement.

Paul, our maths and science teacher is away on sabbatical for a year, hopefully, he will continue to play lots of music!

We send our warmest wishes to Amy, Rachel wishing them joy and happiness for the arrival of their new babies!

Welcome also to Pete, our new English teach, Tatyana our new learning mentor and a special thank you to Judith and Shazia who have taught voluntarily and are now permanent members of our team and also a welcome to Shailesh our new business manager.

With very best wishes and thanks to you all!