At this time of year we would usually be celebrating spring through our Easter service, with children singing, reading poetry, and sharing their art work, this always brings a joy to our hearts, there is a sense of growth and refreshment. However, now we are all in a different place, some of us quite alone, missing our wider families and concerned about the future. A lonely and worrying time for us all, I want to assure you that we will be with you to share any concerns you have about your child's education, their next step in their journey to college, and to support them in assessing their levels for their exams.

 During the next two weeks, we will not be providing work on line, we would rather your children rest and revive themselves, without the pressure of school. It has been incredible how they have moved from classroom to online learning, and this has been marvellous for the teachers who are also adapting to a different school experience.

Please take care of yourselves

Yours sincerely
Janette Steel