A letter to parents, students and carers of our community students.

Subject: Letter to parents, students /carers of CW community students

Dear Students and Families,

We all appear to be in a state of 'negative capability' this is what the Poet and Doctor John Keats called a truly creative place that enables us to broaden our perspectives, stay open minded and cultivate empathy.

At present we are living in uncertainties and doubts about the future not entirely sure where or who has the answers - a place where we are learning to explore all sides of a problem - beginning to think creatively and learn to rely on our personal beliefs. I have been so very impressed by the ability of all our students to change their routines, and without the face-to-face help of their teachers and learning mentors so very speedily manage learning on Teams.

Congratulations to you all and to families who have supported and enabled this learning to happen. Just to confirm how the final GCSE results have been decided.  All the secondary teachers had weekly meetings where they looked at all the work students have completed and judged the quality of work on the GCSE scale of 1-9.  

The work completed on line was also included in the Teacher assessments. The GCSE results will be sent to CCHS on the 20th August.  We will have a Team ready to receive these results so that we can discuss them with you that day.  Please let me have the number you would like to be called on and a good time to contact you.

Ben who is our Careers Officer will be present to answer any questions about College in September.  Rob who is our exams officer any queries about retakes.  I will also be available to speak to parents during the day.  There will not be an opportunity to review grades.   Due to the loss of some teaching face to face, we want to ensure no one is at a disadvantage when they enter Year 11 or indeed College, so we will be continuing with teaching support this term.

Term officially ends on the 17th July - and depending on the news from the Government we will be having a bring your own picnic with staff and students in Holland Park - on the Friday lunchtime - please let me know if you have any ideas or concerns about this idea.  

For many of our students we will be continuing a summer time programme - including outings, art, exercise, - and catching up so that students feel confident and have a place to go and chat with staff and students.  Please let me know if you would like to be included in this programme and how many days a week.  

We are looking for an alternative setting for September; St Marks is very cosy but small and needed back by its owners.  I am contacting everyone possible to find us a new home.  It WILL happen and I will inform you as soon as I have obtained the key.  

In the Japanese Kanji - the pictures depicting the word CRISIS - is two words Danger and Opportunity - I prefer the latter.  

Please call me at any time if you are concerned about your child's education.  

With very best wishes and I hope you are all keeping well.

Janette Steel